MSFN has developed handouts on children's mental health and insurance, tips to parents and professionals on working with a youth with mental health needs, and a checklist for youth on managing their own mental health care that are available for free download.

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Practical Tips: Working Effectively with Culturally Diverse Families of Children Needing Mental Health Support

Date: 6/14/2012
Run Time: 90 minutes

This webinar is designed for educators, administrators, social workers, children’s mental health providers and any other professionals working with families and their children with mental health needs.  Culture is embodied in the ordinary things we do- how we speak, greet parents, organize a meeting, or provide a service.  When important belief systems are breached, providers run the risk of offending a family, even when that is not the intent.  This presentation, given by a  unique panel of parents who are also advocates and experts in diversity,  will suggest strategies they have found to be effective for building collaboration with families.

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Additional Publications

Unique Challenges, Hopeful Responses: A Handbook for Professionals Working with Youth with Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System
Looks at vulnerabilities of youth with specific disorders who are in the juvenile justice system and their rights to special education services. Includes approaches used by professionals.
Parents Can Be the Key
This handbook describes basic special education laws and procedures.
A Guide for Minnesota Parents to the Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Helps parents work with schools to address each child's special needs through understanding the required components of the IEP. Includes examples from the Minnesota state recommended form.
Does My Child Have an Emotional or Behavioral Disorder? What to look for in your child.
A Guidebook for Parents of Children with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
Discusses basic information about emotional/behavioral disorders, the types of professionals who provide mental health services to children and adolescents and how to select one, school-based services, recommended reading, and more
What Help Can I Expect From the School District for My Child With an Emotional or Behavioral Disorder? A Parent Guide to Services
Includes information on related services, transportation, suspension, adaptations in regular education, residential placement responsibility, and communicating with the school.
Educating Inattentive Children: A Guide for the Classroom
Child psychologist Sam Goldstein and child neurologist Michael Goldstein provide educators with information necessary to identify and evaluate classroom problems caused by inattention and offer clear, well-defined practical guidelines.
Parent Perspectives: Raising Children with Emotional Disorders
Produced by PACER - Parents discuss the unique challenges of raising children who have severe emotional or behavioral problems. Provides insight into the frustrations of parents who are often perceived as the "cause" of their child's inappropriate behavior by others who may not understand the origin or nature of emotional or behavioral disorders.
Why Isn't My Child Happy?
Dr. Sam Goldstein addresses childhood depression.
Honorable Intentions
Unique Challenges
Parents Can Be the Key
Functional Behavior Assessment
EBD Guidebook.
Residential Programs for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (Code: PHP-c85)
Accessing County Children's Mental Health Services for Your Child (Code: PHP-c84)